Entering S and H RV Park in La Grange Texas
S and H RV Park Fishing Pond
Canoeing the Colorado River and S & H RV Park
Texas Quilt Musuem
Oktoberfest on the Square - La Grange, Texas
La Grange Texas Heritage Festival and Muziky
La Grange Texas Trick or Treat on the Square
La Grange Texas Schmeckenfest
Fayette County Reservoir Bass Fishing

RV Tips

RV’s are small spaces. Things such as humidity and unwanted smells tend to hang around and are difficult to remove. One simple trick to get rid of these unwanted odors is to purchase a dampness/moisture eliminator from your local grocery store, Home Depot or Lowes.

We really love the dampness and moisture eliminator marketed under the brand name, DampRid. However, others will likely work just fine. You will be surprised by how much moisture the DampRid product will pull out of the air. They’re small enough to put in corners, pantries, bathrooms, etc. without getting knocked over.

If you try this trick, let us know how it worked for you in our comments area at the bottom of the Contact Us page.